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Eco Earth Coconut Fiber/Coir


This 100% organic, coconut bedding is an ideal, natural substrate for all reptiles. Coir is the substance that Bed-A-Beast  and Ecoearth  are made of.


  • Non-toxic
  • Odorless
  • Completely harmless if ingested


As a dry substrate it is perfect for desert terrarium settings. Wet it down and it is now a tropical dwelling substrate. Coconut bedding will hold and maintain moisture better than any other bedding, and is great for incubation of eggs.

This exciting substrate is highly absorbent, making spot cleaning a breeze, thereby reducing cleanup time, and the used bedding can be safely composted into your garden.

Compressed for easy storage, one brick of this Coconut Coir will expand to 8 liters, enough bedding for a 50 gallon tank.



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