Wax Worms

 Wax worms are high in calcium and protein. They make an excellent treat for reptiles and birds. Our wax worms are the freshest in the market. Unlike other suppliers ours are shipped from the breeder. This ensures that they will last a long time after you receive them.

They need to be stored in a cool area, such as a basement or in the butter compartment or door of the refrigerator. The main part of the refrigerator is far too cold.

If they are kept too warm, they will pupate and turn into moths. Most reptiles will eat the moths as well

Nutritional Analysis
Moisture: 61.73%
Fat: 22.19%
Protein: 15.70%
Fiber: 7.69%


Keeping and breeding wax worms

  • Best way to start raising wax worms is buy a few. If you need a smaller quantity than we have listed let me know
  • Prepare an escape proof container for them. Small aquariums with a screen lid taped on AFTER they are set up works well. You can also use clear food storage containers with tight fitting lids. Be sure to drill tiny holes in the lids or cut out the center and tape screening over the opening.
  • Mix some bran and honey together in a double boiler until it is well blended. If available add some grated bee's wax After is well blended, spread it out on a cookie sheet to cool and harden, when the mix is cool crumble it into the container. This mix is sticky, but the worms love it.
  • Put the wax worms in the container with the substrate.
  • Add a few crumpled balls of wax paper.
  • After a few weeks room temperature.  the wax worms will begin to make cocoons. After a few more weeks, moths will emerge.
  • The moths will mate and live for about a week. They will lay their eggs on the wax paper.
  • A couple of weeks after the moths have died you will see lots of tiny worms. They grow fast if they are kept at room temperature. Once they are half grown you may want to store them in door or butter compartment of he refrigerator or a cool cellar/basement.




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