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Good news! We have found an awesome wholesaler of organic cactus. This is restuarant quality grown in the USA. The quality is better than we've had in months.

They are the smaller more tender pads almost completely without spines. The cactus pads are ready to plant or to feed to your tortoise. Cactus pads are have an excellent calcium/phosphorous ratio and are well liked by most species of tortoise. Approximately 1 lb depending on the size of the pads.

Tortoises love these pads. And they are great for us humans too. For some recipes send an email to support@carolinapetsupply.com. 

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certified organic cactus

We carry a wide variety of foods and supplies for reptiles. If there is a particular food or supply that you need but don't see here, contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Our feeder insects are very high quality and shipped Monday through Wednesday only . This is to ensure that the feeders arrive live and healthy. Earthworms (European nightcrawlers and redworms) are sent by priority mail.

Our powder supplements are unique. They are used by breeders and hobbyist who have trouble finding a good variety of food for their herbivore reptiles. They are also used by many to gut load insects such as crickets, superworms, mealworms etc.

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