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Russian Tortoise Seed Mix 1 lb Free Shipping! USA only


I have a large indoor tortoise table that's well-lit with a fluorescent UV lamp at the cool end and a mercury halogen wide spectrum heat lamp at the hot end. On a bit of a gamble I decided plant some of these seeds in the very middle of the pen in the tort's normal substrate of 80% coconut coir, 20% fine play sand. To condition the substrate I used some of the tortoise's crushed, dry droppings and urates to fertilize the area. I then aerated the area with a fork and moistened it well with a squirt bottle filled with hot water. I planted some seeds deep down, some in the middle and some just on the surface to ensure SOMETHING would at least grow.

To my surprise these seeds just took off. In only a matter of 6 hours or so some of the seeds nearer the surface had already produced a visible radicle. By the third day my tort was curiously eyeballing all the green popping up in his pen, and by the 4th it was hard to keep him from trampling it to investigate! But after only 5 days the roots are sturdy enough to withstand his trampling and grazing. So long as I mist the plants a couple times a day with very warm water they just keep growing back at a superb rate.

Another bonus is that my tort is a VERY picky eater, but this stuff he just mows down indiscriminately. He now regulates himself and doesn't overfeed like he did on the store-bought greens. I also dust the plants with some TNT (also purchased here) to help meet the tort's nutrition requirements. So now I have an excellent self-sustaining food source and a prettier setup with minimal maintenance! I could not be any more satisfied with my purchase.
Date Added: 04/13/2010 by Tommy Sallie
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