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TNT Total Nutrition for Tortoises 16 ounces

This blend of powders was developed for Russian Tortoises, but is excellent for all tortoises, turtles, bearded dragons, geckos, all herbivore and omnivore reptiles and gut loading crickets, superworms and mealworms. It has been tested for over 20 years with both hatchlings and adult reptiles. By using this (with cuttlebone)I have eliminated the need to use any other supplements including calcium powders. All ingredients were chosen for their health benefits, palatability and nutritional content. The result is a mix with balanced amino acids, high calcium and magnesium, low phosphorous and high soluble and insoluble fiber.

Each order is mixed the day it is shipped to insure freshness.

ingredients: ingredients:

  • barley grass powder
  • Roselle powder (Hibiscus)
  • dandelion leaf powder
  • plantain leaf powder
  • wheat grass powder
  • chickweed powder
  • raspberry leaf powder
  • rose hip powder
  • spirulina
  • chlorella
  • and more...
  • OPTIONAL...Professional Grade Probiotics with microencapsulated (so more survive the digestive process and end up in the intestines where they are needed) beneficial bacteria
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