Growing Wheat Grass

How to grow Wheatgrass

The first step is selecting quality wheatberries. Ours are organically grown hard, red spring wheat berries.



Next soak one cup of wheat berries overnight (a minimum of 12 hours). The next day you should see some of the berries starting to sprout. Rinse well 4-5 times and let excess moisture drain.

Get 2 large Glad storage containers. Drill holes in the bottom of one.


Put about 2" of substrate in the bottom (I use an equal mix of sand and coconut coir). Water it well and allow it to drain. Layer the berries evenly on top. Don't worry about them overlapping. Keep in a dark place until they sprout.


In a few days the sprouts will be 1" tall.


At one week they will be 5-7" tall.

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