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TNT Total Nutrition for Tortoises 8 ounces Free Shipping !


My 2 Russian Tortoises had become sluggish, I carefully adjusted the daytime and nighttime temperatures of the basking area and sleeping chamber and still they were bumps on a log. Even starting doing 2-3 warm water soaks spaces 2-3 days apart. I remember seeing the reviews of TNT and decided to give it a try, (was already using 2 different supplements on odd/even days with Baby Spring Mix as my main food base). Just days after TNT my two males are back to their summertime old selves. They hear me coming to feed them in the AM and are scrambling to the feeding area, bright-eyed and little scaly tailed. Thank You Carolina Pet Supply supplement Guru!!!. I am not being paid by CPS,LLC nor being pressured or intimidated by any reptile.
Date Added: 12/05/2015 by Kevin Henne
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