Water Crystals 8 ounces (makes up to 8 gallons)


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Water crystals are an excellent way to provide water for crickets, superworms etc.

1/4 teaspoon water crystals will absorb approximately 1 cup water. Place crystals in a large bowl and add water. Wait 30 minutes and it will produce beautiful ice looking crystals. To add color, add a drop of food coloring to the water.

  • Easy to use
  • reduce orders
  • More sanitary than sponges and other waters
  • Economical. With pre-mixed crystals, you are paying for tap water as well as the crystals.
  • Harmless to reptiles if accidentally ingested. ( While these are harmless to reptiles, do not purposely feed them or use them as a water source)



1/4 teaspoon of dry crystals

Hydrated makes just under 1 cup




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