Chicory seeds (organic) Cichorium intybus 2 ounces Free Shipping


The leaves of Chicory look very much like dandelion leaves. They grow up to six inches long and are narrow with large teeth. These leaves grow low to the ground.

Chicory often grows where other plants cannot. Like its dandelion cousin, the roots of Chicory can penetrate hard-packed soil.

This plant only grows a few flower heads at a time. Each flower lasts for one day. Flowers attract many insects with their nectar and pollen. Bees, butterflies, and flies are some insects which visit Chicory. Predator insects, such as yellow jackets and lacewings come to Chicory for nectar as well as to catch prey.

Chicory is very high in vitamins and minerals, containing essential trace elements that can be difficult to acquire in a vegetable. The flowers and leaves are a favorite of tortoises.

Sow seeds in the spring about six weeks after the last frost about 1 inch deep and 3 inches apart. You can thin seedlings about 8 inches apart. Weed and water constantly.
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