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The Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter is a non-light emitting heat source for all types of reptiles, amphibian and plant terrariums. The Repticare Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter can increase the inside air temperature of your terrarium a full 10-20 degrees above the outside room temperature. This is especially important when keeping high temperature tropical-type reptiles like Green Iguanas, Monitor Lizards, Tegus, Boas, Pythons and other desert or tropical species requiring high temperatures. More importantly, the infrared heat given off by the emitter will warm the animal in your enclosure more efficiently that any other type of heating device and the non-light emitting feature allows for proper photo periods for you animals.

Screw the Repticare Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter into a Porcelain Clamp Lamp Fixture. Clamp it onto the edge of the terrarium over a screen top and plug in.

The Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter provides long wavelength infrared emissions for maximum heat penetration and lasts up to 5 years with a 25,000 hour average lifespan.

150 Watts for 50 to 100 gallon terrariums.

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