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July 24th 2014

[list_settings.list_name] get an additional 10% offSpecial for buyers club members only! Save an additional 10% Summer Sale at Carolina Pet Supply! Get your membership discount plus an additional 10% off all orders over $75 Sale ends Thursday 7/31/2014 at midnight EST Enter the code (without quotes) "summer2014" at checkout. Some restrictions may apply [1]Click Here [1] ...Continue Reading

Carolina Pet Supply

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June 27th 2017

Cuttlebone Sale! ---------------- Get 1lb for the price of 1/2 lb with free shipping!! ---------------------------------------------------- [1] Order 2 and 1 will be discounted at check out Cuttlebone is a great source of calcium for your tortoises and also helps condition their beaks. Most tortoises just love them and are great for any torts diet. Cuttlebones are mostly calcium carbonate, (~ 85%) along with organic compounds, nitrogen and many trace elements from the ocean. Cutt ...Continue Reading

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A newsletter for Russian Tortoise owners.